Bo Shelby, PhD. has over 35 years of research experience studying natural resource use and management, and has published hundreds of reports and journal articles. He is nationally recognized as a leading researcher in recreation and instream flows for recreation, and has been involved in over 30 recreation-flow studies that have collected data from over 45 rivers. He is also well known for his work on crowding and carrying capacity issues, co-authoring a 1986 text on the topic. Dr. Shelby is a professor of Forest Resources and Director of the Natural Resources Program at Oregon State University; he has a PhD. in sociology from the University of Colorado. He is based in Corvallis, Oregon.

Doug Whittaker, PhD. has over 25 years of experience working on natural resource issues as an outdoor recreation planner with the Bureau of Land Management and National Park Service or as a researcher/consultant. He has published dozens of reports and journal articles, and has made presentations at symposia and conferences across the country, about half of which have focused on instream flows for recreation. The remainder of his work has focused on crowding, conflict, and carrying capacity issues in recreation settings, or attitudes toward urban wildlife and its management. Dr. Whittaker has a PhD. in human dimensions of natural resources from Colorado State University. He is based in Anchorage, Alaska.

Dan Shelby has an MS in Marine Resource Management from Oregon State University, and worked as a river guide and field technician on Confluence projects as he was collecting his degrees. He is the newest member of the confluence team and is located in Three Rivers, Oregon.